Click Therapeutics Announces the Release of the Click Affective Pictures Set (CAPS) to Researchers Globally


Click Therapeutics Announces the Release of the Click Affective Pictures Set (CAPS) to Researchers Globally

NEW YORK--Click Therapeutics, Inc. (Click), a leader in Digital Therapeutics™ solutions, announces the release of the Click Affective Pictures Set (CAPS). The CAPS is a set of 109 professionally developed and validated images of facial affect, which includes 20 faces expressing six core emotions (happy, sad, surprised, afraid, angry and disgusted) and neutral expressions. Eighty-two emotion gradients, in which each individual emotion expression is morphed from 100% intensity to 10% intensity, in 10% increments, are also included in the CAPS. The CAPS images will be utilized in Click’s products, and will be free for academic researchers to download for use in neuroscience, psychology, psychiatry and related fields of research.

The CAPS was developed as an alternative to existing sets of pictures of facial affect – stimuli commonly used in research, some of which are decades old, utilize black-and-white images, or are limited to Caucasian individuals. The CAPS are high-quality, full-color images of male and female faces. Twenty individuals were selected for the CAPS to yield a distribution of ages, genders and race/ethnic backgrounds similar to that observed in the U.S. population according to the 2010 U.S. Census.

A professional photographer and design director took the photographs, smoothed and standardized images across individuals, and morphed the images to yield emotion gradients. The emotions portrayed in the photographs were validated empirically by studying the responses of over 1350 real-world observers, adults ages 18+ from across the United States who rated the CAPS images as well as twelve previously validated control images as a validity check. Only photographs in which the emotion was correctly identified by at least 80% of observers were included in the CAPS.

Brian Iacoviello, PhD, Director of Scientific Affairs at Click Therapeutics and the lead psychologist on the CAPS development and validation notes, “The CAPS is a true advancement for research in the fields of neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry as it provides researchers with free, high-quality, validated facial affect images for use in emotion-related research. Click’s products will also benefit from including the CAPS, which is the most contemporary, professionally developed and empirically validated set available.”

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